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Let Us Help You Find The Right Property


If you intend to purchase a property via a mortgage or land loan, we will help you find the best lender to with the best rates. If you wish to limit the amount of money down or qualify for a zero money down loan, we will help you.

Property Selection

When we represent you as your Buyer’s Agent, we carefully select properties which meet your criteria. We send you lists of properties we prepare for you to review online before you drive. We will preview homes and land to ensure what we show you meets your criteria and fits within your budget. We will identify potential issues with the property which might impact price or you intended use.

Negotiate and Close

Some Buyer’s choose to work directly with the Listing Agent of the property. This is not always the best choice for several reasons: 1) The Buyer’s Agency commission is already negotiated with the Seller. In most cases, the Listing Agent will not reduce the total commission because they are working both sides of the transaction. So, you are paying for a Buyer’s Agent and getting no representation. 2) The Listing Agent represents the Seller only. Without a Buyer’s Agent, you will have no representation.

Let us as work with you as your Buyer’s Agent to help you negotiate the best price and terms for the deal. As you Buyer’s Agent, we will follow through with your lender, the Title Company, and all parties involved, keeping everyone informed of the status and issues which might impact the closing. Our goal is to close 100% of all transactions on time by the agreed upon closing date.

Relocation Services:

Let our Agents give you a guided tour of new areas within the proximity of your new workplace. We will identify the best schools, shopping areas, places of worship, and best places to make investments in property in your new area.  We offer hospitality services including our two bedroom, fully furnished office/hospitality suite that you may reside in while our Agents show you potential properties.  If you are leaving the area, let us help you find an experienced broker in your new city. We will stay in touch with your new broker throughout the process assisting them as needed with coordination of your sale and move.


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